A glimpse into SCUMLIFE

I spend a bit of time trawling the pages of other "t-shirt brands" online, keeping an eye on how the other side are moving, in attempt to read the general trend, the threat of competition and seeking inspiration or room for improvement I could implement to push my gear that bit above. However I must admit I find it hard to read sometimes and matching peoples projects to that of my own and seeing who is reasonably interchangeable with my own can be difficult. I like to think SCUMLIFE is very much based on the graphic, over the weight (or lack thereof) that the "branding" holds. I have never really been one to buy a shirt that has "X" brands logo spaffed on the chest and little else going for it, hence why I remain reluctant to make logo shirts, and partially why I believe they just won't sell. As the allure of SCUMLIFE isn't necessarily the project itself, moreso the feel it puts across. I think it's essentially peddling a uniform to the societal self causing outcast, and in turn this isn't suiting to slap a "brand name" on them thus conforming the individual to a label. I think the name is super apt, almost slightly accidental at birth, it's held up well to this point now. SCUM (cans of Polish lager, fake designer gear, research drugs, baggy t-shirts and bucket hats) LIFE (everyday day and fully submitted to the aforementioned habits).

Looping back to my original point, or at least the one I was gearing upto, it stresses me out to see people pouring their heart and soul into a project that essentially outputs the same shirts as a hundred other "designers", just with different interchangeable one-colour logos as eachother with the weak hope that theirs carries more backstory to it. The reason that Nike and Adidas can get away with it, isn't necessarily the fact the logos are that groundbreaking, but moreso the story attached to it, the athletes and influence within the circle in which their gear rotates in. Slapping "Pecker Drip Apparel" on a t-shirt like it's a brand new innovation without any work backing it up is a waste of Gildans. Shut you bigcartel down and your insta, and start it properly. It's like building a house without foundations, it looks like a house but no one is willing to live in something so structurally unsound with no backstory and as much architecture as a communist garden shed.

SCUMLIFE doesn't have this credibility, or such foundation to speak from yet, however it's a build in progress. We are putting in hours everyday without fail, working behind the scenes for other well built brands to learn the ropes, network and gain some sort of acceptance into the saturated realm of the apparel and accessories marketplace. New items to wear complimenting the t-shirts, a constant output of circa minimum 4-5 new items every month and forever aimed on improvement with as many details checked as we are able to include, and keeping the pricing as accessible and affordable for the community as we can without running at a loss.

Cheers for supporting us, it's really appreciated and my passion for it only grows by the day.


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