Thursday Afternoon Mission Statement

September is here and the temperature is falling, you’re starting to grab a jacket before the late night beer sprint to Costcutter. Autumn is usually a season of warmth and togetherness as you scrape the last bit of value from the ever decreasing days in the sun before winter kicks in and cans in the park just isn’t worth the frostbite. Autumn this year is a bit different, with the pandemic sweeping the world and paranoia and concern rising towards a second panic, it’s putting some of us off the usual meetups and shared activities. I personally have really used it as a period of reflection and focus to attempt to master a sort of craft, and crack the routine I despise waking upto every weekday morning, in attempt to prise some independence and control back into my life. I have kicked a few bits into motion to push SCUMLIFE and all attached into a new realm, a new chapter. I am building towards moving out of the current workspace and into a designated haven of creation and improvement, where I can ramp up my own projects and support and further other peoples creative endeavours. I have for the past few years done work outside of SCUMLIFE to keep the project financially afloat, to network and build connections and cement it within the minds of people in the circle of space we manoeuvre within together. I have focused on improvement quality within the boundaries of available resources currently in my arsenal, and to build a community of people who I am incredibly grateful for their support via continued, communicative and financial interests. In myself I am fully invested in this project, which may sound an over the top thing to say for something where on the surface is just bootlegged designer gear or free advertisement for Polish lager brands, but my heart is becoming more rooted into the project and community by the day. I genuinely love what we have and the joy I get to see peoples shared passion in wearing the uniform of Local Low Lives and being part of this. There are big brands and massive companies for which I love a lot of their stuff, but can I say I share a similar level of joy when another generically cool pair of baggy Nike bottoms drops or when a box of woven Perla Mocna themed SCUMLIFE scarves from Germany hits my doorstep? It’s a journey we’re all on together, it’s real, SCUMLIFE is not a catch all, it’s really out here for the people personally, or at least for the people who see the vision.

Keep smashing cans comrades and keep living the low life.


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