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I remember back, back when it all happened... 2 Colour Front print... Rake Yohn!!!...


I told him to get his sorry ass back down there and bite that wound, he refused my orders and wasted precious time. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE...




Realistically this is a purple t-shirt (cool bro, very unique, what's your favourite Pink Floyd album bro?), in a vintage cut so you can look the part whilst banging on about how CKY2K shaped you growing up to a worn out and disinterested Tinder date. Whilst internally you push mongo, sad and alone through the hollow trials and tribulations of this miserable life.


The blank is a fruit of the poom, so is absolutely P-O-N-Y. However what even is quality in these days of right wing economic purgatory. Purchasing something to last when death could be knocking before the sip of your mornings coffee. Life is too short for t shirts that last longer than 5 minutes exposure to oxygen.


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